Hot water circulator


A hot water circulation system / closed-loop system use a dedicated hot water pipe which loops throughout the home beginning and ending at the water heater.  With this type of system the temperature of the hot water which is instantly available out of the tap can quite high.  The initial cost of these systems is much higher due to the amount of piping needed to complete the dedicated loop in the home.  Creating a hot water loop in a already built structure can cost two to three times the normal cost had it been done during the construction of the home.  The operating expense of these systems are always  higher when compared to a recirculation system due to the higher thermal energy used and heat loss from twice the length of pipe as a standard home without such a system. Brooklyn Heights Plumbing Construction are always on call for service and although we already have an amazing clientele, we always welcome new customers. We repair leaks and service Hot water systems.

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