Drain cleaning


Clogged or slow-draining pipes can be a major concern to any family. Brooklyn Heights Plumbing Construction people have the training and equipment needed to quickly identify and remedy your problem. Sometimes clogs are simple and we can quickly clear a sewer line and restore drainage flow. If we suspect a more serious problem we utilize a very small inspect pipes from the inside for obstructions, breaks, and settlement or tree roots.

Brooklyn Heights Plumbing Construction has the equipment to repair or service your main water or sewer lines, often without tearing up your existing yard. Be sure to ask about our trench-less technology for your main line servicing. Annual or semiannual cleaning of your septic system is recommended to extend its useful life. Keeping your system clean could prevent major repairs. Whether you have a conventional or new, innovative septic system, Brooklyn Heights Plumbing Construction has the expertise and equipment to provide exceptional service or repairs.

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